New Short Talks: Biologists Marlis and Michael Douglas on What DNA Can Tell Us About the Health of Wildlife

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Marlis and Michael Douglas on DNA 

Michael and Marlis Douglas.

In this edition of Short Talks From the Hill, a podcast from the University of Arkansas, Marlis and Michael Douglas, both professors in the Department of Biological Sciences, talk about the role of DNA testing in their work as wildlife biologists.

In their research, the Douglases have worked with many kinds of animals, from brown tree snakes in Guam, to large fish in Bhutan, to deer in Arkansas.

“We use DNA as our Rosetta Stone to understand migrations of animals, to understand the genealogical relationships, how they relate to one another,” says Michael.  “We also figure out how much genetic variability is within a population so when you lose a lot of genetic variability that puts you in very dangerous straits for conservation and management.”

In each case, DNA provided insight into whether a species was flourishing, or not, which helps resource managers make sound decisions. In Arkansas, for example, the Douglases are using genetic testing to determine how groups of deer move throughout the state so that wildlife officials can better control the spread of chronic wasting disease. The disease, which is incurable, infectious and fatal, affects deer, moose and elk. Most cases in Arkansas are in or around Newton County.

“Our genetic studies studied primarily how do deer move across the landscape and what might be barriers and what might be corridors,” said Marlis.

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