A Q&A with Fulbright College Office of Student Services’ Katherine McClain

by | May 13, 2020 | Dean's Corner, Faces of Fulbright, Q & A

Katherine McClain
Admin III in the Fulbright College Office of Student Services
J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences

In this conversation, McClain talks about her passion for helping students succeed, her love of creating art and graphic design projects like the college’s Diversity and Inclusion imagery, enjoying finger painting and music with her son, and working toward her goal of becoming a therapist specializing in art and play therapies.

Image of Katherine​Q: Tell us a little about your research, academic passions and/or role within the college. What excites you about this?

I’m an Admin III for the Fulbright College Office of Student Services, which is part of the college’s Dean’s Office, and its Advising Center and Student Success Team.

On top of the usual admin duties, I also do graphic design work for our Student Success Team. It’s deeply gratifying to use my art with our Student Success Team to help reach and engage our students.

D&I graphic identityQ: How long have you been at Fulbright College? What have you enjoyed most about your time here?

Three and a half years! My, how the time has flown.

The people I work with are my favorite part of working for Fulbright College! Everyone here truly cares about our students and strives to help them succeed. I’ve never worked with a more generous and driven group of people.

Katherine and childQ: What do you most hope your students or colleagues remember from their interactions with you?

I hope they come away feeling at ease and reassured that things are being taken care of.

We handle a lot of student documents and advising which can be stressful for the students, so if I can make them laugh along the way then I feel like I helped relieve some of that stress.

Katherine and child in front of Christmas lightsQ: What do you like to do during your time outside of the university?

I’m an artist so I like to sketch, ink and color, but my most treasured work of art is my son.

We’re always making a mess at finger painting, exploring our neighborhood, and making music.

Q: What’s up next on the horizon for you?

Katherine and childI’m currently working toward my goal of becoming a therapist who specializes in art and play therapies, so I’m taking classes and working on my technique.

I’m taking it one day at a time and enjoying this exciting time in my life.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add or let readers know?

I also do freelance graphic design in my spare time. Let’s work together sometime!

Andra Parrish Liwag

Director of Communications, J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences 

479-575-4393 // liwag@uark.edu