Giving Thanks: Scholarship Helps Doctoral Student Who Wants to Make a Difference Through Mathematics Education

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Faces of Fulbright, In Their Own Words, Scholarships, Student Success

This holiday season, members of our Fulbright College Family are sharing expressions of gratitude, letters of thanks and their appreciation for those who have helped make their educational journey possible. 

Meet Kingsley Pinder, who thanks to the Lawrence Jesser Toll Jr. Endowed Fund, is one step closer to his dream career of making a positive impact through mathematics education, particularly in The Bahamas.

Kingsley PinderLawrence Jesser Toll Jr. Endowed Fund Recipient Kingsley Pinder

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
Graduation: 2021
Major(s)/Minor(s): Majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in Mathematics Education
Activities/Interests: Basketball, Reading and Programming
Career Aspirations: I aspire to make a positive impact on mathematics education, especially in my home country, The Bahamas.

In his own words:

Thank you for supporting the Lawrence Jesser Toll Jr. Endowed Fund. I was ecstatic to discover that I am the 2019 recipient of the Lawrence Jesser Toll Jr. Endowed Fund in the amount of $1,000, and I am extremely grateful for your vote of confidence. 

This award is a blessing for me, and it is truly an honor to receive the named award.

I graduated  from Philander Smith College in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, and also have a Master of Science degree that I received in 2018 from The University of Arkansas. 

I am currently two years from completing my doctorate program for mathematics with a focus on education. It is my ultimate goal to improve the educational system within my home country, The Bahamas, and be a well-known professor globally.

I come from a background where my parents could not afford to finance a college education and always dreamed of receiving a free college education. As a result of many scholarships throughout my collegiate career, including this award, that dream has become a reality. 

This award will cover all fees, as my graduate assistantship covers my tuition only, and it will allow me to be an independent young man.

Thanks again for giving to the Fulbright College and for allowing me to focus solely on my education, since all of the finances are now covered. 

I greatly appreciate the opportunities both you and the Fulbright College have provided to me. The topnotch education is exceptional as well.


Kingsley Pinder Jr.

For more information about the Lawrence Jesser Toll Jr. Endowed Fund, or to make a year-end gift to support it, please give online now, or contact Fulbright College’s Office of Development and External Relations at 479-575-3712 or email

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